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Management Staff

Jacob Gitman, Ph.D.

Author of over 50 scientific publications and the holder of numerous patents, Jacob Gitman founded a highly successful telecom company as well as one of the first Russian privately owned research and development institutes earlier in his career. Currently, Mr. Gitman is the CEO of the power line technology company SLE International and runs a global aviation business. Given his extensive experience starting and running successful businesses, he offers a truly unique perspective on the different challenges and opportunities facing Rain on Request.

Sergey Pulinets

Prof. Sergey Pulinets is a Principal Research Scientist in the Space Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia. He has more than 35 years of experience in Space Plasma Physics, Physics of the Ionosphere, and Geophysics. Dr. Pulinets is a leader of an international team of scientists proposing the Lithosphere-Atmosphere-Ionosphere coupling concept related to seismo-tectonics, active faulting and earthquake processes. Dr. Pulinets is a co-convener of the American Geophysical Union, fellow of IUGG Inter Association Working Group on Electromagnetic Studies of Earthquakes and Volcanoes (EMSEV), correspondent member of International Radio Science Union (URSI), International Committee of Space Research (COSPAR), fellow of URSI/COSPAR International Reference Ionosphere (IRI) Working Group, fellow of United Physical Society of Russia, member of editorial board of Geomagnetism and Aeronomy journal.

Nathan Blaunstein MSc, DSc, Ph.D.

Over 190 articles in referred and special journals and conference proceedings, 8 books, 7 patents and 2 PCTs in the fields of wireless communications and smart antennas, optical IR sensors applications, and prediction of earthquakes by use of special radar systems – ionosondes. Honorary member of the New York Academy of Science and a visiting professor at the Alboquerque University of New Mexico, Aalborg University, Denmark, and Tokyo University of Electro-Communication. Diploma of Doctor of Science and Professor in Radio and Optical Physics and Electronics, diploma of professor in Electronics and Information Science, diploma of Ph.D. in mathematics and physics. Also, professor at Ben Gurion University in Israel and founder of DP Electronics.

Svetlana Bronshtein, Ph.D.

Dr. Svetlana Bronshtein is a Ph.D in Electrical and Computer Engineering. Along with being an invaluable researcher, she is also a senior lecturer in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Electronics SCE at the Sami Shamoon Academic College of Engineering. She has authored numerous critically acclaimed publications in the Power Electronics Industry.